Our Approach

From the start, we engage clients and their audiences in the creative process as we collaborate, experiment and prototype. The resulting design integrates the best of physical, digital and social interaction into a transformative experience that authentically engages the staff, partners, customers and communities who evolve the design everyday.


Engagement is a catalyst

Authentic, ongoing engagement leads to action and advocacy, innovation and growth, loyalty and service. We create experiences that help our clients meaningfully connect with and actively engage audiences by inviting them to participate and contribute.

Experience over message

The best way to communicate a big idea is to let people experience it — physically, through their senses and nervous system, as well as emotionally, intellectually and creatively.


Make what you dream

The best proof of an innovative idea is its implementation. We take pride in our ability to produce the designs that we create. Our strong network of production partners expands our potential, guaranteeing that our clients achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Design with the audience

Designing with, not for an audience is an empowering practice that builds co-ownership and advocacy. Through research, observation and co-creation, we design spaces, tools and programs that support audience needs and behaviors.


Do good and do well

We help our clients develop strategies that serve a higher purpose and deliver mutual benefit for all stakeholders.


Think in systems

We help organizations break out of silos, widen their physical and virtual circles of interaction, and create integrated design solutions.

Stories, not story

In our contemporary, participatory culture, a single narrative is no longer sufficient. Instead of static experiences, we create dynamic platforms that engage our clients and their audiences in an evolving story over time.


Play drives innovation

Breakthrough ideas arise naturally from ESI’s culture of collaboration, creativity and play. Our onsite Lab provides fertile ground to push creative and technical boundaries and ensures that our designs are both leading edge and firmly tested.