Our Work

  • ESI Games

    ESI Games

    Why are games important?

  • Columbia Property Trust: 221 Main St.

    Columbia Property Trust: 221 Main Street

    How do you transform a building into a neighborhood anchor?

  • Beacon Capital: 745 Atlantic Ave.

    Beacon Capital Partners: 745 Atlantic Avenue

    How do you put a building on the map?

  • Beacon Capital: 180 N. LaSalle St.

    Beacon Capital Partners: 180 N. LaSalle Street

    Wraparound media and data visualizations highlight architectural elements and local culture for visitors and tenants of this downtown property.

  • Barclays Media Experience

    Barclays Media Experience

    How do you say "Hello, New York"?

  • Beacon Capital: 177 Huntington Ave.

    Beacon Capital Partners: 177 Huntington Avenue

    How do you revitalize a city landmark?

  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum

    Ellis Island Peopling of America Center

    How do you share the immigrant experience?

  • Beacon Capital: Canal Park

    Beacon Capital Partners: Canal Park
  • AT&T Adworks Media Lab

    AT&T Adworks Media Lab

    How do you touch and feel data?

  • Beacon Capital: Columbia Center

    Beacon Capital Partners: Columbia Center

    Updates to Seattle's tallest tower create a lasting imprint on the city's skyline and identity.