Our Work

  • Dream Cube

    Dream Cube: Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

    How do you invite a city of 18 million to collaborate?

  • 221 Main Street, San Francisco

    221 Main Street

    How do you transform a building into a neighborhood anchor?

  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum

    Ellis Island Peopling of America Center

    How do you share the immigrant experience?

  • Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate

    Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate

    How do you inspire civic participation?

  • eBay Main Street

    eBay Main Street | Corporate Campus

    How can a physical space tell the story of a brand?

  • AT&T Adworks Media Lab

    AT&T Adworks Media Lab

    How do you touch and feel data?

  • ESC Game Theater

    ESC Game Theater

    How do you create a live gaming experience truly like no other?

  • Terrell Place, Washington, DC

    Terrell Place, Washington, DC | Interactive Architecture

    How do you make walls move, talk and acknowledge people’s presence?

  • The Beacon at The Tower at PNC Plaza

    The Beacon at The Tower at PNC Plaza

    How can an office tower’s green systems be communicated?

  • Wells Fargo Center, Denver

    Wells Fargo Center, Denver | Interactive Architecture

    How can you look through a solid wall to the world beyond?