Our Work

How do you build a platform for innovative, corporate communications?

Best Buy, a 12-year partner with ESI, wanted to develop communication platforms that would increase collaboration and knowledge-sharing between cross-departmental teams in the company. ESI designed several tools that allowed the company to develop a leading-edge process for keeping the company in-tune and in-sync.

The Employee Hub is an interface redesign for the company’s intranet that works on multiple devices – web, tablet and mobile. The Hub was a connecting tool for all 180,000 employees.

Leadership to employee communication is important for Best Buy. Brian’s Whiteboard was designed to allow CEO Brian Dunn to share his ideas with the global Best Buy workforce. Employees can interact by commenting, responding to questions and asking their own questions of the Chief Executive.

The Enterprise Blackboard is an employee focused website that demystifies Best Buy’s financial health. The “Chalk Talk” blog features posts and videos by CFO Jim Muehlauer and other C-Level executives. The easy to understand company reports, Q&A forums and videos provide the company with a transparent communications tool.