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Who Needs a Free Press?

Whether in the largest democracy or the smallest dictatorship, closed doors breed abuse of power and corruption — and in some places, torture. For two decades, the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) has trained journalists and built media capacity in regions of conflict and transition. IWPR-trained journalists inform local citizens about what is happening in their nation and encourages them hold their governments accountable. Although international news media routinely pick up IWPR reports, lack of public recognition had hampered the organization’s ability to garner donations and continue this important work.

ESI Design developed a communications strategy and website that gives IWPR a dynamic medium by which to tell their compelling story to an international audience. The website provides a platform for journalists to spread the word on their country’s situation. The website also acts as a central repository for international news outlets, governments and relief and advocacy groups seeking reliable information from regions of conflict and crisis.