Our Work

How can you refresh history to mark an historic anniversary?

For the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy, the JFK Presidential Library and Museum wanted to create a microsite to display the vision and relevance of the JFK administration in today’s world. ESI created JFK50.org as a lasting resource for educators and the public.

ESI designed JFK50.org to invite young visitors to explore the legacy of JFK through the core themes of public service, science and innovation, civil rights, domestic affairs, foreign policy and diplomacy, the arts and the environment. Each section contains a multitude of archival audio and video clips of the President’s televised addresses, radio speeches, photos and films. To engage new audiences, the reinvigorated past takes the form of graphic novels. The lighthearted format breathes new life into the the traditional historical timeline. Today’s celebrities weigh in on the impact that JFK’s legacy has on their fields. JFK50.org is a rich way to discover the impact the JFK administration had on the future of American politics and culture.