Our Work

How do you blend cultural and environmental awareness with economic development?

Playa Vista represents a new vision in 
urban development — a residential community and dynamic business center existing alongside extensive parks and a restored wetlands. This environmentally and culturally important site demanded a new approach to development and conservation. ESI developed two master plans 
and several design concepts that guided the design, development and uses of the natural areas and housing developments.

The first master plan established an integrated signage system that matches existing urban street sign conventions and guidelines. The second master plan guided the development of community-building activities that create an opportunity for recreation and culture, and promote environmental awareness. The Ballona Wetlands Discovery Experience at its core. This “museum without walls” celebrates Ballona’s natural and cultural history, including its native peoples and the restoration of the wetlands. Playa Vista is a model example of how design can drive conscious development, leading to a mixed use, ecologically sustainable environment.